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Testimonials - what our clients say




Pancha Karma Retreats

“An even better experience than the first time - wonderful, fantastic.
Thank you all for your love and kindness.”

Maeve O'Donoghue

“The retreat not only was a physical experience but a mental and spiritual experience. I learnt a lot about myself and looking after myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I was able to consult with Margit about personal matters and medical advice from Dr. Ramani.

Joan Day

Ayurveda Wellness Retreats

“Much more than I was hoping for! Received so much love! The treatments were excellent and the results are a new ‘Me’. I will never forget this experience and hope to see you soon!!!”

Amanda van Vuuren

“The best treatments I have ever had! The knowledge you gave me and the way I feel right now mentally and physically is priceless. I have never experienced anything like that before. You were beyond wonderful and I very, very much enjoyed the whole stay.

Samantha Munson

“FANTASTIC!! Thank you, I am so grateful. Special thanks to Ian – he is very special and has a true gift. Thank you to each and every individual that help me to make this experience possible.”

Susan Andre

“Excellent retreat I have really given myself time to relax and enjoy.”

Yogesh Prag

“Most amazing experience. Tranquil, relaxing and peace of mind. Feel good!!”

Nayna Prag

“Time stood still. It was amazing how much could fit into one day with enough rest in-between. The staff are welcoming, loving, friendly, and professional. Thank you for welcoming me here and to help me rediscover my mind, body and so I can really listen to my soul. Alone time - just to be with your body and listening to your soul is crucial, not to get lost in the material world. Every body reconnects in a different way and that is what Nalanda allows you to do.”

Samarie Smith

“In a busy commercial environment a person sometimes loose the value of self-awareness and the healing effect thereof. Margit and the team assisted me to re-discover the true meaning of life.”

Beno Van Graan

“A life-changing experience, best massage ever.”

Chanel Rowan

“I am feeling rested and ready to be more aware of how I treat my body.”

Julia Baillie

“The care from Margit is awesome - every little detail, the flowers, the presentation, the treatments - a big THANK YOU.”

Carole Logan

Earlier Testimonials

I have been helped enormously and assisted in establishing some basic healthy routines in my life. I would like to learn more about Ayurvedic cooking, because it is delicious and nutritious. I loved the smells of the various oils used in treatments.


I was overwhelmed by the generosity, energy and loving and kindness of Margit during my treatments and experience at Nalanda. It was truly nourishing and I feel so much more calm and centred as a result. Thank you very much Lee-Ann, your cooking is amazing and thank you for your care and small touches – they really do make a difference.


A very invigorating, special experience. I hope to repeat it soon.


As you know I do not need to say much, I look forward to coming again - and I hope for a full Pancha Karma.


I had no expectations when I arrived, and I have had an amazing journey. Peaceful, energising, trusting, loving and so much kindness. Margit, thank you far all, and Lee-Ann for the glorious food. We will be back soon and look forward to the next Retreat. With love & light and gratitude.

Beverly and Takara

My experience here was of receiving in many ways. Above the physical it was the milk of human kindness which is so beneficial to every living soul.


This was an opportunity to be silent and tranquil, a time for introspection. The warmths and kindness I experienced will stay with me.


Exceeded expectations, feel 100% better than when I arrived. Food absolutely amazing; Spiritual advice most appropriate. Will definitively return.


It was just what my mind and body required. My body has released most of my past tensions and I am much calmer. Thank you for all the love with the great treatments.

John Paul

A truly amazing experience. The setting is a perfect natural experience. The food was very tasteful and divine. Enjoyed every treatment, hard to explain the treatments in words, but would recommend it to everyone.


At first I felt a little tense, but was put at ease in a very special way. I suffered a slight detox headache at the end of the session but it was a wonderful experience for me. My first SPECIAL treatment.


The gentle loving radiance gave me exactly what I needed. The food was fantastic, so fresh and clean tasting.


The special attention, care and love that I had experienced made this to be a memorable time in my life. Very, very much appreciated!!


Once again - out of this world, wonderful. Thank you very much!



Thank you for creating an amazing, safe place - Nalanda creates peace through the people working here.

I actually cannot express what this retreat has done for me and how deeply grateful I am for it. I loved every minute and Margit, you are a true healer. I especially appreciated the little take-home wisdom you shared with me - I will hold it and the feeling of the retreat with me for a long time.  

                                                      Sarah Frazee, Scarborough, Cape

The space is magnificent - like the South of France at the tip of Africa. Thank you all! For making it a safe space to be in, to breathe and relax and release, without judgment, but with gentle guidance and support. My prayers have been answered - appropriate treatments and healing energy have been my blessings. Thank you God, thank you all!


I feel rejuvenated, pampered and peaceful.


I would like to say thank you to all of you, because the experience is as it is, because of the combined heartfelt and committed efforts to detail by everyone together. I wish you Love and Prosperity in all you do. Thank you for bringing clarity and gratitude into my life and a chance of a new beginning with hope. I was amazed at everyone's willingness to give, I am very grateful for the time you gave to me, it has been a time where I felt very safe in my vulnerable state.


Sometimes too gentle/not insisting enough (for me). All-in-all very well thought through and conceptualised, you have made a PR-agent for Nalanda. 


Now that I know a bit more about the retreat and centre, I feel more confident to come for a longer time. I truly appreciated the holistic approach: combining emotional, physical and spiritual treatments. It felt good to have a retreat tailored to me and my needs, rather than a commercial general course.                

Celesta Alexander, London 

It was heavenly! The massage particularly felt like a very, very special time of just lying back and receiving a gift. I enjoyed the yoga afterwards. Lunch was delicious - reminded me to go back to simple eating. Thank you for the warmth and loving - I felt soft and rested.   



It was very special for me, having come in feeling blocked and unbalanced. I now feel grounded, very relaxed and happy, after the various massages. I found the oil pouring therapy exceptionally powerful and grounding. It was amazing how this therapy can cause such a wonderful awareness of body, soul and spirit. I wanted to stay in that space forever. Thank you all for an exceptional stay and for all the love and caring I received.              

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all the loving kindness that you gave me during my retreat with you. Since my return I feel so well and at peace with myself. The big bonus, I lost 3 kgs on my return and this week another 1 kg. I am delighted. Every morning I am doing the daily routine and enjoying it. Even cooking!!!! I'm getting better every  day.                                                     

Jennie Napier, Swellendam, Cape

It was VERY NICE, quiet and relaxing. The staff was very friendly, with excellent service, and all the girls just had something special about them, that made me appreciate the treatments even more. Something so humble and modest.  There is nothing that I can think of to improve, and I have already forwarded the details to all my friends who could possibly consider going.   


Wonderful attention to detail. Well-trained staff and the fact that they are from the local previously disadvantaged community is highly commendable. Great personal touch, I was immediately at home. Well done!


I really enjoyed being here. It helped me come to my centre again.     

                                                              Ellen de Waele, Belgium

Thank you for planting a seed of peace. I will try to remain conscious of it. I will strive to nurture it, feed it, water it until it grows into a striving plant within and without. All of this will take time and lots of work, but I believe that I am better equipped than before. My seed of peace, my retreat, is within me.  

Jocelyn Muller, Muizenberg, Cape

Today I feel like a new woman, thanks to your incredible care and treatments yesterday.  I feel calm, the headache is gone and no one can upset me!


Thank you so much for the wonderful Ayurvedic massage. For 2 hours I luxuriated in the bliss of being pampered in all my senses. 

Emotionally I felt comforted and nourished.

Spiritually I was transported to a "place of angels"

Physically my body loved the luxury of being touched in a healing, energetic and loving way, and being the focus of your undivided attention for hours.

My body has never felt so special! Usually I ignore my body. I have now promised her to honour her more from now on!

And the benefits continue:

On an emotional level I feel as if very old hurts and tensions were released and I feel loved;

On a spiritual level I feel a connectedness to God.

On a health level I feel stronger, more focused, yet calm.

I also feel more sensual and aware of my body.

Thanking you for putting so much of yourself into the massage and for making it so much more than just a massage!


Margit, your hospitality was fantastic and I enjoyed your advice at the end of the retreat, not to mention your awesome massage. The foot and head massage by Xolisile was so relaxing and loving. She was brilliant. My only complaint is that it was over so soon. Thanks so much for a wonderful, professional and caring experience.


My mother loved her treatment and took so much more than just a few hours of treatment home with her. Thank you to all at Nalanda for making her birthday treat special.



Ayurvedic Massage - Give & Receive

"This course is excellent and I would highly recommend it. I love the fact that the Ayurveda is part of the massage. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience."


"Comforting, informative, healing, loving. A definite intimacy is created. Really beautiful."


 "Wonderful experience, above all expectations, amazing food, teachers, cooks, fellow students. Would love to study further. Thank you, thank you, thank you."


"It was a beautiful process to be part of for the weekend."


"Enjoyment, calm, feel looked after, knowledge increased, felt safe. Commitment of Margit and Samantha to the knowledge of Ayurveda makes for convincing work." 


"I feel calm, relaxed and peaceful. I have benefited greatly from the tranquil surroundings and the love and respect of the facilitators in the presentation of very valuable tools." 



Wellness Days

"A wonderful experience which exceeded expectations. A real treat for mind, body and spirit. Rejuvenating, healing, fabulous service, excellent value."

"Absolutely fabulous. Cape Town's best kept secret!! Best birthday gift ever."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the massages as well as the peace and quiet of the place and the people."

"A very good day. I feel a tremendous difference for the treatments. The staff have been very polite and kind."


Welcome to Nalanda Ayurvedic Centre