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June 2005

Warm greetings!

One of the most enjoyable ways to stay warm and cosy this winter is Ayurvedic Massage. Besides being touched and pampered, it is excellent for improving circulation and deepening breathing which in turn help to rid the body of toxins, thus enhancing agni, the internal fire. The use of warm oils will make you feel deeply nurtured and relaxed. 

Another way to keep warm is with freshly cooked vegetarian meals, prepared with warming spices such as ginger and black pepper. If you live in Hout Bay or Llandudno, Please click here for more details on our take-home meals.

Nalanda Ayurvedic Centre will be hosting the Art of Living from 5-10 July. This is a beautiful course which most of our Nalanda team has experienced. It runs over five consecutive evenings and the full day on Sunday.

"Throughout our lives we learn many skills - reading, writing, science, music and art but very few of us have actually learnt the true Art of Living. We are rarely taught how to handle our negative emotions - anger, depression, stress. Yet, the quality of our life depends upon the quality of our mind.
The Art of Living courses offer simple but effective techniques which eliminate toxins and stresses that accumulate in our systems over time. They are a unique way to harmonize and energize the Body, Breath, Mind, Emotions & Spirit."

The course uses the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Yogic breathing and Ayurveda as tools for modern stresses and imbalances. Please contact Jeremy on 788 6212 for more details.

Shop We have a number of products available to support you in moving towards a healthier lifestyle:
warming spices, dals and beans for tasty soups
warming, healthy drinks such as Almond Energy as well as ayurvedic teas
ayurvedic and vegetarian cooking books, plus our own recipe collection
ghee, sesame and coconut oil for your self-massage or cooking 
masala boxes for storing a range of spices in an easily accessible way - this box is like a painter's palette for chefs, with all the spices at your fingertips, ready for your creative cooking
incense and tongue scrapers

Baby on the way! Our first Nalanda baby is due soon as Xolisile is pregnant. We would be grateful for any baby clothes or other baby items that you would like to donate to her.


  • Keep warm with Ayurvedic massage
  • Food - Eating for mental clarity & peacefulness
  • Ayurveda for Africa: Women's Health Fair at Mitchell's Plain
  • Aubergine quinoa roast
  • Quintessential Quinoa
  • Upcoming Activities

  • Keep warm with Ayurvedic massage
We are looking forward to welcoming you for one of our Ayurvedic Massages at special Winter prices:

Please be aware: For your benefit, after your initial consultation, we may suggest a different treatment from the one originally booked, according to your individual constitution and/or imbalances. Please also feel free to discuss with us any combination of the following treatments.

Pinda sveda is a highly rejuvenating treatment using fresh lemon and coconut on the whole body. Enjoy this luxurious massage given simultaneously by two people. Your skin will feel soft and smooth. When done on a regular basis, the treatments help to improve circulation, reduce cellulite, scars, excess weight and to reshape your body.  You will also improve your general wellness and enjoy a beauty treatment for the skin. It can be a beginning of a follow up program to support you in recreating a healthy body and shape.
R180 for one hour

Ayurvedic head massage: Massaging the head has a direct effect on the entire body as well as the mind, inducing calmness The head is such an important area of the body because all the sense organs are located there. Thus massage of the head provides nourishment to all the senses and promotes their normal and natural functioning. It is particularly effective, when received on a regular basis, to prevent premature greying and balding. Bring a scarf or hat to protect your head from the cold on the way home.
R180  for one hour, R90 for half an hour

Ayurvedic facial: This treatment is the ultimate pampering experience. Due to the stressors of our modern sedentary lifestyle, most of us are much busier in our minds than in the rest of our bodies. This is often reflected in the face as these negative thoughts and emotions cause the muscles to contract, thus causing a constriction of the natural flow of energy. Our facial treat, using only natural and edible ingredients, not only helps to reverse many adverse effects that have already occurred to your skin but also leaves you feeling relaxed, stress free, and at peace with the world.
R180 for one hour, including a facial steam

Ayurvedic hand massage:  This treatment is surprisingly powerful for inducing a state of deep relaxation throughout the body as our hands hold reflex points and subtle energy channels which connect up to every other part of the body. Enjoy this soothing massage given simultaneously by two people. Like the face, our hands need extra care as they are constantly exposed to the environment and also constantly in use. Regular massage of the hands keeps all these small joints flexible and strong, prevents drying and aging.
R180 for one hour, R90 for half an hour

Ayurvedic foot massage: Massage of the feet creates well-being in the whole body. It promotes good sleep, is extremely calming, reduces headaches, helps with cold or hot itchy feet and provides care for your feet and toenails. Healthy feet are literally the foundation of physical grace and strength. Regular foot massage is important as it gives sturdiness to the limbs, thus reducing the chances of problems developing which can affect our mobility. The soles of the feet are very closely connected with the eyes and ears, therefore this massage promotes good functioning of these sense organs.  
R180  for one hour, R90 for half an hour 

Ayurvedic full body oil massage: It is a whole body massage with warm sesame oil given simultaneously by two people. This massage promotes physical and emotional wellness. It can be purely a relaxation method as well as supporting deep healing by naturally harmonising mind, body and soul. It is detoxifying, nourishing and revitalising for the body.
R 180 for one hour

  • Food - Eating for mental clarity & peacefulness

"I'm feeling anxious, light-headed, strung out and restless, what do you think could be causing this turmoil in my life?"
"What did you have for breakfast?"
"Just a cup of coffee."

According to Ayurveda, the mind is formed from the subtlest portion or essence of food.
We may have experienced the effect of what we eat and drink on our state of mind and body, yet we so often underestimate just how much of an effect it has.

Certain foods promote a peaceful, loving, joyful and clear state of mind. These are called Sattvic foods. They are light and easy to digest. They provide us with energy without taxing our bodies.
Sattvic food includes fresh, preferably organically grown fruit, steamed vegetables and fresh vegetable juice, milk, ghee, dates, nuts, sprouts and whole grains. Traditional meals of most cultures consists predominantly of grains served with a smaller quantity of vegetables, legumes, greens and chutney which enhance and complement the grain. This is also the healthiest way to eat.

Rajasic foods are hot, spicy, bitter,sour and salty. Once your hand goes into the bag, you cannot stop eating them, such as salty crackers and potato chips. Onions, garlic, caffeine, food eaten 'on the run', foods fried in oil or overcooked are also rajasic. These foods increase the speed and excitement of the human organism.
Eating heavily spiced foods makes the mind more rajasic, which means it tends towards anger, greed, selfishness and violence.

 Tamasic food is heavy, dull, depressing and induces pessimism.

Examples are meat, hard cheeses, alcohol, eggs and mushrooms while any food eaten in excess quantities becomes tamasic. Such foods consume a large amount of energy while being digested.

Old and stale, microwaved, reheated , canned and frozen foods are heavy and create ama, undigested material which clogs up the circulatory channels of the body.
If tamas increases, the mind becomes dull, ignorant and lazy, losing purpose and enthusiasm.


Saints and seers can easily survive on sattvic foods alone. Those of us who are more involved in worldly life and its fast pace need to balance our intake of sattvic and rajasic foods, while avoiding tamasic foods as much as possible.

  • Ayurveda for Africa: Women's Health Fair in Mitchell's Plain


On Saturday 28th May, our team of budding recently trained massage enthusiasts (see May newsletter), as well as the more experienced, Margit and Xolisile, took part in the first event of its kind - a Woman's Fair commemorating International Day of Action for Women's Health organised by GAP, Gender Advocacy Programme. The aim of the fair was to raise awareness about women's health and issues affecting them, to expose marginilised women to a full range of health options and to promote healthy and holistic lifestyles for women.

Our team of 10 set up a semi-circle of chairs outside one of the busiest shops, where we created a haven of peace and calm inside the very busy shopping mall. 

The response from shoppers was extremely enthusiastic. There was at all times a queue of people waiting to sit for a vigourous 10 min shoulder and back massage or 'grasshopper' as we call it. Those who were really serious about relaxing bought a voucher from GAP and received a head massage inside the booth which was more private. Although what we were doing was certainly unexpected or even new for many people.


Seeing the deep peace and relaxation on people's faces as they were being massaged and the transformation after even a short massage was truly inspiring. Small children stood so patiently next to their moms or dads while they received their massage, this was too sweet to witness. It was also a powerful team building experience for our team for us.  The need for touch is such a natural urge for all of us, that most people immediately wanted to try it.



Our team doing the 'grasshopper' on shoppers           Our team outside the Nalanda booth                                                     


  • Aubergine quinoa roast


Preheat oven to 180șC. In a frying pan, heat

4 T sesame oil


350g aubergine, cut into 8 thick slices

until browned. Arrange them in a single layer in a baking dish. Combine

2 T tamari or soy sauce


50 ml lemon juice


125 ml water


1 t freshly grated ginger

And pour over the aubergine slices. Bake in the oven for 10 min. Turn the slices over and cook for another 10 min, until most of the liquid has been absorbed. Place

200g quinoa

in a large pan with double its volume of water. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 15 min, until tender. Drain if necessary. Add

1 large red pepper, cored seeded and sliced vertically


2 courgettes, coarsely grated

To the sesame oil remaining in the pan, and sauté until soft. Add the quinoa, mix well and spoon over the aubergine. Press down well. Return to the oven and cook for 5-10 min. Serve hot, garnish with

Sprigs of parsley




T = Tablespoon, t = teaspoon

  • Quintessential Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah)

The sacred "mother grain" of the Incas is actually a herb. When Pizarro tried to conquer Peru, cultivation of quinoa was forbidden and Peruvians were pushed towards a meat-based diet. However, the herb, like the hardy Incas could not be suppressed and sprouted up again as soon as the Spanish had withdrawn.

Quinoa is quick and easy to cook and contains all the essential amino acids that the body needs. Most importantly, it is delicious. It can be substituted for white rice or bulgar. It contains more calcium than milk.

  • Upcoming Activities

Vegetarian cooking

for a healthy body, mind & planet




Saturday 30 July 2005, from 10 am to 4 pm


 Learn to create tasty and well-balanced meals which are quick and easy to prepare


About the workshop:

o       practical and hands-on

o       introduces basic concepts of Ayurvedic cooking

o       warm & friendly environment

o       meet like-minded people

o       enjoy sharing the meal together

o       receive recipes and notes to keep you inspired


Please bring: your own apron, peeler, a sharp knife and container for leftovers. Wear comfortable and warm clothing

Cost:  R180, including a meal and recipes to take home


Thank you for reading our newsletter. We are always looking forward to hearing from you.


With love and greetings,

Margit, Samantha, Sakhumzi, Xolisile and Zinhle


Welcome to Nalanda Ayurvedic Centre