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 July 2006

Warm greetings! 

Many thanks to all of you who have given us such positive feedback over the years on our newsletters, it has been a great encouragement!

Spring Rejuvenation Special  


  • Welcome herbal tea
  • Consultation with short breathing/relaxation session
  • Self-care for the hands
  • Deeply relaxing Ayurvedic foot massage with bowl
  • Healthy snack
  • Ayurvedic full body massage with warm oil
  • Ayurvedic hand pampering with cleansing, nourishing and massage of the hands

Value: R630, on special at R540 for one person or R900 for two, valid until end of October 2006, duration about 3 and a half hours

Boost your immune system with Ayurveda
Ayurveda in the office
Recipe: Warming cinnamon & ginger fruit compote
Ginger, your gastric friend


Boost your immune system with Ayurveda

smile and laugh Even if you're faking it, your body doesn't know the difference and starts to release all sorts of pain-killing and happiness hormones. As if you didn't already know, true happiness is not to be found in a new pair of shoes, a better job - or even a new relationship. 'When I ask, "What causes you stress?", people always cite an external situation, ' says Guatam Jain, a teacher of Vedanta, the ancient Indian philosophy, 'But the truth is, it is not the world around you that causes your pain or pleasure - it is your reaction to it'
When will you be happy, if not now?

reach out & connect The sense of touch is associated with the heart chakra, the subtle energy centre of your chest. This is where the thymus gland sits, like a shield protecting our bodies from invasions. Become aware of the importance of touch. People around us need to be healed with touch: a baby needs hugging, a friend needs a gentle squeeze of the hand. Recent research studies prove that people who have a lot of human contact can live twice as long as those who are isolated.

A groundbreaking study of some 7,000 people in California, showed that those with the fewest friends, family, community, and religious institutions were three times more likely to die over the 9 years in which the study was conducted.

Further, researchers also found that those who had six or more connections with people were four times better than others at fighting off viruses that cause colds. 

breathe & meditate Invest in your relationship with your Self, the only truly long-lasting one. Deep breathing and meditation increase the levels of prana, or subtle life force in your whole being. When the level of prana in our bodies is high, dis-ease has no chance to thrive

prana rich foods & tonics Foods which are as close to their natural state as possible such as fruits, nuts, grains, pulses, sprouts are easily digestible and less likely to cause a build-up of toxins. As a result, we feel lighter, more energized and more able to resist infections and negative thought patterns.

Rasa is considered to be the sacred "juice", the vital life energy or essence that sustains our life. Rasayana or rejuvenation therapy replenishes our body's existing reserve of juice or fluids. Excessive work, intense stress, and overindulgence or stimulation of the senses creates an imbalance of heat which is thought to accelerate the consumption and depletion of our bodies' reserve of rasa. Agitation and fiery emotions also burn up rasa. 

Rasayana herbal therapies improve immunity and vitality by restoring our rasa. They are especially beneficial for those who are physically weak, underweight and have weak muscles. Taking tonics as part of your daily routine is like pouring oil into an oil lamp each day rather than waiting until the oil has burnt out. Here are some simple and delicious ways of making your own tonics: 

v      Eat 3 or 4 figs in the morning and drink 250 ml warm milk with them. 1 tsp of honey may be added to the milk for sweetening. If the figs are dry, they can be soaked in water overnight. This is a very good tonic and also cures constipation and anaemia.

v      Take 2 walnuts, 4 almonds and 7 pieces of good quality raisins. Soak overnight, and eat in the morning with 250ml warm milk. Chew well. Add 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey to the milk for sweetening if desired.  

massage & exercise  Receiving massage or giving it to yourself strengthens you in many ways, see previous newsletters for more and click here for our up to date prices.

It's simple - after a massage, you feel better about yourself and your body, and these positive vibrations enhance your health and well-being as well as those around you.

Appropriate exercise for your constitution makes you feel alive and happy, helps to keep the digestive fire strong and burns away toxins and thus heaviness and stiffness of the body. It creates more flexibility, lightness, smoothness and ease of body and mind. Yoga and daily walking is good for everyone, but some require more vigorous exercise to stay in balance.  

Nalanda brings Ayurveda to the office 

Does this sound familiar? "In the attempt of launching a new business, I've been sitting locked in front of my PC for months now.  So I'm sure you can imagine the situation: muscles all bunched up with little stones or knots blocking circulation and threatening to clamp down on the nerves; probably not without a fair share of stress toxins roaming around my body like a gang of thugs! Ugh, please help!

It's so easy to get absorbed by work that you literally get drawn closer and closer to the computer, completely forgetting about maintaining a good posture, taking good deep breaths and keeping stress at bay. A few hours of doing that every day builds up and builds up until some nasty things start happening in your body, mostly unnoticed. Ha, it's kind-of like a mozzie being attracted by a light. If it doesn't break the habit, one day that harmless, friendly looking light will turn out to be one of those electric mozzie-shockers! Tzzz - and little mozzie gets fried! "

Lack of concentration, anxiety, insomnia, headaches are other imbalances which often disturb the office worker.

Now, imagine a working day like this:

  • starting the day with your colleagues doing some stretching and deep breathing to help you shake off your sleepiness without the use of caffeine
  • having herbal teas like chai and ginger tea available to drink throughout the day to keep your body hydrated and your brain able to function optimally
  • just when you're wondering where to get yet another take-away lunch, you are served a freshly cooked tasty and wholesome vegetarian meal without having to leave your office
  • then when you hit that afternoon slump, you receive a soothing and relaxing foot or head massage and thereafter spend a few moments sipping your tea, feeling clearer, lighter, more relaxed and revived
  • you go home feeling appreciated by your company, nurtured by Life and powerful in your body and mind, able to also be your best outside of work.

Massage, yoga, breathing and healthy meals can fit into your working day.  Help your co-workers or employees to lead healthier, happier lives. Let us arrange a package to meet your budget and staff needs. 

Testimonial from Idata Services

"Your visit, the education, meal, ambience and associated massages were greatly appreciated by all of us here at IDS AFS.  It came after a very stressful period at work and certainly served to calm us all down a bit - definitely better than Valium!!  I am sure that our staff would be most pleased to have you back some time soon as a follow up to the excellent start that you made."

Kind regards,
Stephen Gerber

Chief operating Officer 

Recipe: Warming cinnamon & ginger fruit compote 

½ cup water

bring to boil and add

½ tsp dry ginger


a few cinnamon sticks


slightly crushed cardamom pods


dried fruit soaked overnight eg. raisins, prunes, dates, figs or


fresh fruit, cut into quarters eg. pears, apples, guavas, Cape gooseberries

simmer for about 10 mins. Serve with a dollop of

fresh organic cream or crème fraiche (optional, and not advisable for those wanting to lose weight or with congestive disorders)


Dried spices counteract the cold, wet weather and help to dry up congestion such as colds. The spices in this recipe are heating and help to activate the digestive fire, This compote is excellent for a warming start to the day, great with oats or mielie meal for children going off to school. Also, it can be taken last thing at night to activate digestion.

Ginger, your gastric friend

 Plants, as Mothers and Goddesses, I address you. May I gain energy, light and sustenance, you who are a conscious being.
As they fell from Heaven, the plants said, "the living soul we pervade, that man will suffer no harm."                                                                                                                                       
Rig Veda X.97

Ginger is revered all over the world and has been for thousands of years due to its delicious pungent taste and potent medicinal properties, especially the following:

Digestive Certain substances found in ginger help to neutralize stomach acids, enhance the secretion of digestive juices and tone the muscles of the digestive tract.
Anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial For colds, allergies and other respiratory complaints, ginger brings a measure of relief. Its anti-bacterial properties also help to eliminate harmful bacteria from the intestines.
Anti-inflammatory Ginger oil or compress, applied externally, has been shown to relieve muscle aches and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also be of assistance with migraines.
Anti-nausea  Use ginger to counteract motion sickness, dizziness, post-operative and chemotherapy nausea.

The few situations in which ginger is contraindicated are in cases of hyperacidity, during any form of hemorrhage (including menstruation), vertigo and chronic skin disease.

How to use ginger

  • To make ginger tea, boil up ½ tsp dry ginger or a 5-6 thin slices of fresh ginger in one cup of water. If you don't have time to boil the spice, simply pour boiling water over it, but the taste will not be as strong.
  • Add a small piece of fresh ginger to your apples, pears and carrots when making fresh juices.
  • Fry up one inch of fresh, chopped or 1 tsp of dried ginger in ghee, together with your other spices to enhance almost any savoury dish and help your body to digest it.
  • Squeeze some lime or lemon juice over a small amount of grated ginger and sprinkle with a pinch of salt - eat this before a main meal to enhance your appetite and digestion.
The baby photo above shows Khulumanco just some hours after being born on 15 Jul 06. She is Ncebakazi's daughter and we welcome her with joy into the big Nalanda family.

Wishing you good digestion, health and happiness.

With love and gratitude,

The Nalanda team


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