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January 2008

Best wishes for 2008! May your year be filled with many blessings of good health. May joy, love, peace and compassion be with you every day.


We hope you had a good rest and a good start. We are excited about 2008 and look forward to welcoming you in Greyton!


Join us for a:

  • Pampering individual Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat
  • Contact us for a quote
  • 7 day Home Pancha Karma Detox Retreat
  • Soulfood-Vegetarian cooking workshop based on Ayurvedic principles

Read clients testimonials from recent Wellness Retreats in Greyton or

Order the many tasty nourishing vegetarian recipes that have been loved by clients and compiled by us.


7 - day Home Pancha Karma Detox Retreat


This is a very personalized Retreat with maximum two participants at a time.


Through this Retreat you will experience cleansing of body and mind as well as plenty of rest and rejuvenation. We will use Ayurvedic knowledge to help you reconnect with your true nature of joy, clarity and happiness. A daily health routine and a special cleansing diet , relaxation and numerous highly enjoyable massage treatments supports the process towards ba lance for body mind and emotions. This is a soulful holiday that provides a true lift to your sense of wellbeing, and you can expect to feel the benefits for a long time to come!



"These are not invasive therapies, but are meant to go deep within to nourish the body and cajole it into releasing its waste, its toxicity. The tissue should not feel a longing for something given up. It should not be traumatic, like candy ripped from a child."                      

Bri Maya Tiwari, Vedic monk, teacher and author


Ayurveda emphasizes periodic cleansing, generally at every change of season, as a way to restore ba lance to mind and body. Although the body has an effective system for filtration of impurities, toxins can sometimes build up too rapidly for the body to cope with. Also, after the age of forty, the body's ability to purify itself becomes weaker.  

How you detoxify is very important. Harsh cleansing can aggravate the body and cause problems. Ayurvedic detoxification is gentle and ba lance d. Luxurious treatments are administered in a logical sequence over a period of 7 days. They are designed to flush out toxins from the body and nourish and ba lance the system, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.

These treatments have no side effects. This Home –Panchakarma Detox  Retreat is designed for generally healthy individuals as a preventative therapy.


How does it work?

The body is oleated both internally and externally with warm oils or ghee, the oil penetrates into all tissues of the body and loosens the accumulated toxins from a cellular level. The loosened toxins pass into the gastro intestinal tract and are eliminated from the body either upwards or downwards. Heating the body speeds up this process.


How will I benefit from the Home Panchakarma Detox Retreat ?

You will feel more in harmony with yourself and your environment, experience contentment, feel more present and positive, and have more patience, love, respect and appreciation for yourself and others. Physically, the systems of the body feel stronger and more stable, especially your digestive system. Natural sleep patterns are restored and deep-seated tiredness is released, making space for a new zest for life. This is a really good investment in yourself.

The Retreat can give you relief from anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, stress, depression, excess weight, digestive complaints, menstrual disorders, menopausal imba lance s, backache, headaches, tiredness, general low moods, and constipation. 

Other Benefits

- Activates metabolism
- Enlivens sense organs
- Relieves strain on the heart and circulatory system
- Strengthens muscles
- Improves resistance to stress
- Increases memory power & intellectual ability
- Glowing skin
- Increased body vitality and energy levels

- Slows the aging process

- Enlivens the self-healing abilities of the body
When practiced on a regular basis, together with home self-care and positive lifestyle changes, further accumulation of toxins and tensions is prevented, thus reducing the likelihood of future imba lance s or dis-eases developing.

This deep inner cleansing and calming process has an effect long after you have left Nalanda and will last even longer if you take an active part in staying in ba lance .


Dates : By arrangement

Cost: Please contact us for a quote

Participants: maximum 2



Soul food- Vegetarian cooking workshop based on Ayurvedic principles


If you would like to eat less meat, but don't know what to cook instead; if you are already a vegetarian interested in learning about Ayurvedic cooking; if you are interested in healthy ways of eating – than this workshop is for you. Enjoy learning, preparing and eating yummy soulful vegetarian meals, with a simple approach to wholesome, freshly prepared food. We use local and organic ingredients as far as possible.

Subject: vegetarian main dishes that provide protein

Date : Sat 16 Feb 10.30am – about 3pm

Cost: R450 including the meal and notes

Participants: maximum 6

Booking latest by 10 Feb 08


If you are interested in an individual Wellness Retreat, contact us for a quote. We are happy to discuss your individual requirements and budget to find a solution that can work for you.


Testimonials form recent retreats in Greyton


I have been helped enormously and assisted in establishing some basic healthy routines in my life, I would like to learn more about Ayurvedic cooking, because it is delicious and nutritious. I loved the smells of the various oils used in treatments .



I was overwhelmed by the generosity, energy and loving and kindness of Margit during my treatments and experience at Nalanda. It was truly nourishing and I feel so much more calm and centred as a result. Thank you very much Lee-Ann, your cooking is amazing and thank you for your care and small touches –they really do make a difference

Jo Frater


As you know I do not need to say much, I look forward to coming again- and I hope for a full Pancha karma. Richard Goodman


I had no expectations when I arrived, and I have had an amazing journey. Peaceful energising, trusting, loving and so much kindness and of course giving. Margit, thank you for all and Lee-Ann for the glorious food. We will be back soon and look forward to the next Retreat. With love & light and gratitude . Beverly and Takara Fischer


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the retreat. Margit I loved all the care and attention you gave me- I really needed it at this time. I feel that you gave me the nurturing and the care I so dearly craved. Your massages were really good. I have very little tightness in my shoulders now. I feel really good and my colleagues have reported me “having a glow”.

I enjoyed the Ayurvedic cooking – all the tastes and textures was such a treat – I didn't know that you could have so much fun with food. I feel that my perception of food and particularly nurturing has changed. I plan to incorporate what I have learned and experienced in my daily life. Overall a wonderful experience. Thank you. Nadia Jappie


The special attention, care and love that I had experienced made this to be a memorable time in my life. Very, very much appreciated. Susan Andre .

A truly amazing experience. The setting is a perfect natural experience. The food was very tasteful & divine. Enjoyed every treatment, hard to explain the treatments in words, but would recommend it to everyone. Dhesigan Naidoo


Tasty nourishing vegetarian recipes


If you live in South Africa you can now order the many tasty nourishing vegetarian recipes that have been loved by clients and compiled by us for R135 plus postage. Send us an e-mail with your postal address , w e will mail you the details.

We at Nalanda are very much looking forward to sharing an exciting 2008 with you!


Warmest regards

Margit Gilliot

Managing Director


Nalanda Ayurvedic Centre
Phone 028 254 90 27 office hours


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