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January 2005

We wish you a magnificent new year and hope that your break was refreshing and rejuvenating.  

How do we make sense of the images and words of suffering from this enormous human tragedy which happened during the holiday season without losing hope? Each of us needs to find our own way - perhaps for some, the ancient rituals for the Earth seem particularly appropriate. We have abused her disgracefully  - are we as humanity paying for this in drought and floods? Our love and compassion goes to those affected with personal loss. 

As we now have more therapists, we are able to take bookings for massage and retreats on shorter notice. For those of you who have found it difficult to plan so far ahead, we hope this will be encouragement for you to treat yourself more often.  



  • Agni and digestion
  • Practical Ayurveda evening  
  • Ayurvedic Massage - Give & Receive
  • Personal & spiritual growth group 
  • Mixed raita recipe

 Agni and digestion

Life-span, complexion, strength, health, enthusiasm, corpulence, lustre, immunity, energy, heat processes and vital breath - all these depend on body fire. One dies if this fire is extinguished, lives long free from disorders if it is functioning properly, gets ill if it is deranged, hence agni or digestive fire is the root cause of all.                                                                                        Charaka Samhita

If you suspect that your agni is low and your digestion slow, and consequently that your food is being poorly absorbed and assimilated, here are some ways to kindle agni:

  • Before each meal, eat a little grated fresh ginger, mixed with a few drops of lemon or lime juice and a pinch of salt.
  • Avoid cold and iced drinks, especially during or after meals. Rather take small sips of warm boiled water before and during your meal
  • Steep half a teaspoon crushed or ground bay leaf in a cup of hot water for 10 min. Add a pinch of ground cardamom and drink after eating
  • Make a raita to enjoy with your meal, see the recipe below

 Practical Ayurveda evening  Would you like to enjoy a relaxing evening beginning with Yoga, followed by an ayurvedic meal, a discussion and a  practical experience of Ayurveda related to the theme of digestion? All for just R90, and that includes some recipes and handouts!

If this sounds appealing to you, please join us next Monday the 17th January for our Practical Ayurveda evening from 5.45 pm until 9.30 pm. Although in the past we have sometimes allowed the evening to stretch on longer, we have decided for the future to end promptly so that you are able to get a good restful sleep. Please bring a yoga mat or a towel, and a blanket.

Also, bookings will only be confirmed with payment before Friday the 14th Jan. Please see the attached booking form for our banking details.

Ayurvedic Massage - Give & Receive: 21 - 23 January

This weekend is a retreat for the soul and a real treat for the body.  Please contact us for further details.

A raita is a tasty accompaniment to a meal which is also an aid to digestion. Yoghurt is the main ingredient in a raita. Eaten on its own, yoghurt is sour, heating and heavy to digest. However, when combined with spices as below, and freshly made, it becomes sweeter, tastier and a lot more digestible. A spoonful or two with a meal is sufficient. Yoghurt eaten in greater quantities is heavy to digest.  This recipe serves 6-8.

Mixed raita 

2 t cumin, dry roasted and ground


1 t mustard seeds, ground




2 peeled tomatoes, finely diced


cucumber, finely diced


1onion, finely diced


1 banana, sliced


1 tub full cream yoghurt

Combine all

Fresh coriander leaves

Garnish and chill for 1hour before serving

And lastly, some more words of wisdom from the ancient text, Charaka Samhita to remember on these warm summer nights:

During the night one should sleep on the open airy roof of the house, which is cooled by the rays of the moon.

We are looking forward to welcoming you here or hearing from you soon and wish you all the best for 2005.

With love,

Margit, Marina, Samantha, Xolisile and Zinhle



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