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February 2007

The reason that ego and love are not compatible comes down to this: you cannot take your ego into the unknown, where love wants to lead. If you follow love, your life will become uncertain, and the ego craves certainty. 


Deepak Chopra



  • Resistance to the good things in Life
  • Yoga classes & satsang
  • Potatoes Tikia
  • Rejuvenating raisins


Sea point sunset


  • Resistance to the good things in Life 

While you are reading this newsletter, try this exercise: interlace your fingers in front of you, take a deep breath and stretch your arms up over your head. Streeeeeeetch..Notice the sensations in your body. Notice what happens to the mind as your breath deepens.

Why is it that so many of us know how good Yoga is for us, yet we give in over and again to the intellect's million reasons why we "just don't have time to practice it today"?

This experience of resistance is universal and has been recognized and written about as early as Patanjali's Yoga Sutras at least 1700 years ago. Early on in these sutras, Patanjali defines yoga as "control over the fluctuations of the mind" and describes the basic categories of these fluctuations and says that persevering practice and nonattachment/non-obsessive nature are the way one achieves control. These two guiding concepts-abhyasa and vairagya -are not just the key to overcoming your resistance; they are also the key to yoga.

So the thing that most of us are longing for - peace of mind - comes from the commitment to practice, 'come what may'. So stability of mind has little to do with what your postures look like nor how flexible you are, it is simply the decision to show up and be present on your mat or in your class, that counts. 

And it is so much easier to show up when we have no expectations - I will have lots of energy today - and when we are not attached to the result of our practice - doing this will make me lose weight/become more flexible etc. This takes the pressure off so that our practice becomes something we choose to commit to, without expectations, without judging our "performance", it becomes an act of self-love and self-care. Ironically, it is purposeless acts which stabilize the mind - think of doodling, drawing, playing ball, singing...

Of course, this resistance applies to so many other activities which are beneficial and uplifting. In the beginning, it is an effort to overcome, but as we continue, the routine and the benefits of the practice create a momentum that propels us through the difficult moments of resistance. Hence the importance of incorporating these beneficial activities into our daily or weekly or monthly routine. Many of us associate the word routine with the word boredom but it is actually the structure of the routine which gives us the stability of body and mind that allows us to explore Life's mysteries in a deeper, more interesting and more conscious way.

During our Ayurveda Wellness Retreats, we provide a nurturing daily routine in order to give you an experience of how good it feels and to support you to establish this in your own life. These are some of the elements we include:

  • Sunrise fire ritual /agni hotra
  • sesame oil treatment for healthy teeth, gums and face as well as other self-care treatments
  • stretch and breathe to start the day
  • various deeply relaxing Ayurvedic Massages
  • morning and afternoon snacks & herbal teas
  • tasty, wholesome sattvic vegetarian meals, freshly prepared, with mostly organic herbs, fruits and vegetables
  • being in silence
  • relaxation time in peaceful garden with saltwater pool
  • Sunset fire ritual / agni hotra
  • Evening relaxation

On special for March: Weekend Group retreat from Friday 6 pm to Sun 4pm: Fri 30th March - Sun 1 April for only R1080, shared accommodation, shared bathroom

Or get a taste of how delicious a retreat can be at our Ayurveda Wellness Days. These are One Day silent Retreats at the very affordable price of R450 per person. Next dates: 8 Mar, 24 Mar, 12 Apr, 29 Apr 2007, from 9 am - 5 pm 

  • Yoga classes & satsang

We are very happy to say we will resume Yoga classes on Friday 2nd March 2007, every Tuesday and Friday early morning, 6.30 - 7.30 am. Please contact us for details before attending.

We also hold a weekly satsang on Wednesday evenings at sunset at the moment, around 7.30 pm. This is an hour of sharing inspirational and devotional songs and readings. Please let us know if you are planning to come. 

  • Potatoes Tikia  

3 medium potatoes


Cook the unpeeled potatoes in minimal water, then peel and mash. Place in a bowl together with

1 t salt


t turmeric


t cayenne pepper or masala or a small piece of fresh red chilli, finely chopped


1 T sugar


Juice of a lemon, strained


2 T raisins


1 T rice flour or wheat flour

Mix all the above together well to form a soft dough. Add a little more flour if necessary. Shape into balls and press flat. Fry the pancakes, a few at a time, on a griddle coated with

Ghee, just enough to prevent pancakes from sticking

When nicely browned on one side, turn and brown on other side. Keep warm until serving. Serve with a home-made tomato sauce or lentil dal

T = tablespoon
t = teaspoon

  • Rejuvenating raisins

Dried grapes or raisins, are one of the oldest known foods. Organic raisins, well-soaked in water, balance all three doshas. Both grapes and raisins are highly regarded in Ayurvedic medicine for a wide variety of debilitated and toxic conditions. Black raisins are considered one of nature's best laxatives and even the water in which they are boiled is effective. A widely available Indian tonic made from essence of raisins is prescribed for weakness and lethargy. Externally, raisins and sultanas made into a paste with water, can be applied as a rejuvenating face-pack.


Make a commitment to your health and well-being - don't resist or find excuses.

We would love to welcome you for an Ayurveda Wellness Retreat, a Wellness day, a Massage, Yoga, a Meal or Satsang.
Please do call us for a quote or to book.


☼ Sea point Sunset by Valja Roseman


With love from

The team at Nalanda Ayurvedic Centre

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