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What is an Ayurvedic massage?

Ayurvedic massage is an integral part of Ayurvedic medicine. Massage was traditionally not considered a luxury but as part of daily routine to keep our physical, emotional and mental aspects balanced. Massage helps the body to efficiently circulate nutrients and eliminate toxins, thus it plays an important part in cleansing, and if practiced regularly, rejuvenating the body.

Deeply relaxing in its effect, Ayurvedic massage creates a connection between body, mind and spirit, and can help unlock the gates to the inner world and a more joyful life. Massage is a form of communication, it can be a meditation, but it is also a state of "being".

Although the massages below are for well-being only, our clients often report therapeutic effects. Either way, Ayurvedic massage is a truly nurturing experience. We use our knowledge of Ayurveda to give you a most beneficial massage. 




7 Treatments Voucher

Type of massage/treatment:
All include welcome herbal tea


Nurturing Ayurvedic full body oil massage incl. foot massage with bowl, Abhyanga

About 70 min R390 R2 300

We highly recommend the above treatment for your first visit.


Deeply relaxing Ayurvedic foot massage with bowl

About 45 min


R1 134

Rejuvenating Ayurvedic head massage

About 45 min


R1 134

Ayurvedic hand massage, relaxing the whole body

About 45 min



Refreshing Ayurvedic facial , incl. gentle facial steam - not a beauty facial - only on advanced booking

About 50 min



Pampering Kerala Abhyanga, full body oil massage in different positions, given by two practitioners simultaneously - only on advanced booking

50 min or 70 min


R3 000/
R4 082

Udvartana, dry massage with chickpea flour which is useful for weight loss, clearing fluid accumulation and cellulite from the skin.

About 50 min

R390 or R540 if given by 2 people simultaneously

R2 300/
R3 060

Herbalised oil or buttermilk administered in a continuous stream to forehead, Shirodhara

About 45 min


R3 000 treatments on 7 consecutive days




 R1 500 treatments on 3 consecutive days

Nasal administration, nasya

About 25 min


R1 134

Pinda sveda (leaf or rice poultice application)

About 1 hr


Siro vasti (retaining oil on the head)

About 30 min


Kati vasti (retaining oil on the back)

About 30 min


Uro vasti (retaining oil on the chest)

About 30 min


Pizhichal (streaming oil )

About 1 hr


Picu (placing soaked cotton in oil)

About 30 min


Akshi tarpanam (retaining ghee in the eyes)

About 30 min


Karna puranam (filling the ears with oil)

About 20 min


Medicated enema

About 20 min


Ksheera dhumam (smoke inhalation)

About 1 hr


Steam treatment, swedana, available as addition to other massages if not contraindicated.

Duration depends on individual,
5 - 20 min



Ayurveda Wellness Retreat

Half day

2 hrs treatment time, snack and relaxation time



Ayurveda Wellness Retreat

Full day

5 hrs treatment time, snacks, lunch and relaxation time

R1 440


Ayurvedic diet/lifestyle advice or counselling

About 45-60 min



Individual Yoga session

About 60-90 min


R1 700

Spoil yourself with one of these treatments. Before every treatment, we offer a welcome herbal tea.

All our treatments are equally beneficial for men and women.

Welcome to Nalanda Ayurvedic Centre