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Healthy Digestion with Ayurveda


Ayurveda considers weak digestion as the cause for many diseases.

This interactive educational weekend workshop, with Margit Gilliot, Ayurvedic Practitioner, is filled with lots of practical advice to recreate healthy digestion. It is for everybody who is dealing with any digestive problems from constipation to irritable bowel syndrome to flatulence and who wants to find natural ways to improve and heal.

q              Understand your body type from an Ayurvedic perspective

q              Know to eat according to your body type

q              Learn the art of healthy diet by avoiding the wrong foods

q              Healthy eating guidelines

q              Concepts of good digestion: agni-digestive fire and ama-toxidity

q              Use of spices that enhance digestion

q              Self-help and home remedies for common gastro-intestinal problems

q              Impact of emotional stress in digestion

q              Self care treatments that improve digestion

q              Ayurvedic cooking for better digestion

q              Abdominal massage

q              Influence of exercise in digestion

q              Yoga/meditation/breathing techniques to enhance digestion

q              Herbal teas, healthy fresh snacks and all freshly prepared vegetarian meals

q              Rest/relaxation/time in nature


Time:       Friday evening 7 pm until Sunday around 1 pm

Cost:       R1 800 per person

Including all education, handouts, meals, snacks and teas,
shared accommodation and shared bathrooms.

Excluding other accommodation if you prefer, we will find for you other accommodation
within walking distance, according to your preference and budget.




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