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We are delighted to host in Greyton

The Art of Living Course - Part I

Experience the amazing six-day course that rejuvenates the body, steadies the breath, calms the mind, transcends the intellect, sharpens the memory, dissolves the ego and increases joyfulness in life.

This deeply introspective and fun course is enjoyed by people of all backgrounds, cultures and traditions in more than 140 countries. It does not conflict with any religious practices - rather, it enhances them by allowing participants to experience the very inner core of their being.

The course includes:

q        gentle stretching exercises for improved circulation and relaxation.

q        simple techniques which increase the balance and flow of energy in the body and guided meditation to calm and rejuvenate on all levels.

q        sharing time tested secrets of life that help us to secure our health, happiness and success.


"It was beautiful to spend time on myself and to feel cleansed and revived. I'm more
in touch with my mind and body. I found a deep sense of well-being, am able to
focus clearer than before and just feel more positive and alive!!"

"I did not expect much but have left Part 1 with a calmness and inner peace.
The lessons I have learnt and my daily exercises are improving my state of mind
day by day. It was an amazing, beautiful experience!"

"It is deceptively simple, but produces amazing results in a very short time.
It is gentle and respectful."

"I feel great, full of love for others and suddenly for myself too. Thanks so much!"

"I came to the course hoping to re-learn proper breathing that I used to
practice some years ago. What I received was so much more than I
could ever imagine. The gift of (your practice) is truly special."

q        Independent research also shows that the practices taught significantly:

·   reduces levels of stress (reduced cortisol—the “stress” hormone).

·   benefits the immune system.

·   reduces cholesterol.

·   relieves anxiety & depression (mild, moderate & severe).

·   increases antioxidant protection.

·   enhances brain function (increased mental focus, calmness and recovery from stressful stimuli).

·   enhances health and well-being.

COST: R650 (R350 for pensioners and full time students)
For more information on the course contact:

Jeremy - Cell: 0832649484

Margit - 028 254 90 27

We will be happy to assist you to combine the course with a stay in Greyton!


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