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SPECIAL: Warming Winter Wellness Retreat

Keep warm and well with this fantastic offering for a three half-days Retreat for two for only R5 400 (value R7 340). Valid until the end of August 2009.

  • Two nights accommodation at the Nalanda Retreat Centre

  • All vegetarian ayurvedic meals starting with lunch on Day One and ending with lunch on Day Three

  • Healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks

  • One candlelit dinner

  • Fireside talk understanding your body type

  • Two morning Yoga sessions

  • One breathing, meditation session

  • Two evening relaxations

  • Time for individual ayurvedic or lifestyle advice

  • Herbal teas

  • Time in nature, rest, relaxation 

  • Informal ayurvedic cooking lesson

Also included:
Ayurvedic Treatments at the Nalanda Treatment Centre:

Per person you receive

  • 2 x deeply relaxing full body massages Abhyanga with warm oil

  • 2 x grasshopper, sitting vigorous shoulder and back massage for cleansing and strengthening lungs and calming your breathing

  • 2 x Pinda Sveda full body massage, with coconut and lemon wrapped in boluses and lots of oil, luxurious treatment for your whole body and skin health, to balance and prevent winter disorders due increased Kapha such as colds, coughs and congestion revitalizing the entire body, increases mobility, relieves muscular pain and joint pain as well as stress, restoring deep sleep

  • 2 x facial steam inhalation to clear excess build up of mucus or prevention such, due to aggravation of Kapha in winter

  • 2 x Svedana, ayurvedic steam treatment for the whole body, keeping the head cool, relaxing muscles and cleansing for the whole body

  • 1 x Ayurvedic hand pampering 


We reserve the right to make changes to the treatments to give you maximum benefit according to your body type or imbalance.







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