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Dr Ramani Babu

BAMS Ayurvedic Physician at Nalanda

We welcome Dr Ramani Babu, an Ayurvedic doctor from India, who has recently joined us at Nalanda Ayurvedic Centre. Ramani’s warm personality, experience and assured manner lends itself to her being a wonderful presence at the Centre where she is loved and appreciated by all.

She is a mother of a three-year-old son and her husband works in Cape Town, joining them for weekends, where he is able to escape the hustle and bustle of city life in this beautiful and peaceful village of Greyton.

Ramani chose to study Ayurveda because of her personal experience in realising the benefits of Ayurvedic medicines and she wanted to instil the same sense of joy and knowledge to others who are unaware of Ayurveda. She studied the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) at the Ayurveda College in Coimbatore India in 2000 for 5˝ years.

After her studying years, she gained extensive clinical training on Ayurveda while working with various institutions in India for five years, before moving to Durban, South Africa in 2004.

Ramani feels that she has gained considerable experience in Ayurveda through her eight years of work experience, working with various leading physicians and distinguished doctors from across various spectrums. The organisations that she has worked with have helped her immensely in learning the finer aspects of treating patients with utmost care and dedication. For this, Ramani thanks her background and the principles that she believes in, in life.

She has a interest in treating ailments the Natural way by finding the body, mind type, pulse reading and the imbalances in her patients and being able to assist in life style changes in the individual to correct the problems, by using Ayurvedic medicines and treatments.

Ramani’s experience in treating clients and from the radio talks here in South Africa have helped her to understand the importance of Ayurvedic education, along with advice on diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, all helping to cope with stress in a better way.

Ramani truly believes in the principle that she learned from the head of the college that she studied at in India: “To treat the patient, you have to enter his/her heart before treating”. This inspired her and she practises it with every one of her patients. Therefore her approach to her clients is unique, as she enters into their heart, and as an Ayurvedic Physician, helps in giving ultimate healing of the mind, body and the soul

Ramani says: “My patients are my greatest treasure and it gives me immense pleasure in seeing them becoming better and helping them as much as I can.”













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